Possibly, maybe.

by Joy Monger

It just so happen that over past few days I’ve written an email that comes with consequences. You know the kind; it’ll potentially affect someone else’s feelings, maybe change the way they look at you.  Start a relationship.  End a relationship (no I didn’t actually end a relationship via email–I’m not that stunted). I think I must have deleted and reworded the darn thing a million times.

I weighed every word; is my tone light enough?  Does that word imply too much?  Does that sound creepy when the person reading it can’t see my face?!

The joy factor in this post does not come from the angst of writing an important email.  That part just sucks (but not more than the waiting for a response to said email).  Instead the joy today came from the reason I weighed my words so heavily; because I have people in my life lovely enough to care about, and worry about, and care and worry about what they think of me.

Nausea-inducing experience or not.