Deceptively Slow

by Joy Monger

I am most certainly not built for running; big booty, short legs, propensity towards tomato face…

But despite my lack of natural physical talent, on occasion I jog.  It looks ugly, feels worse.  I’ve been passed by pregnant women and 80 year old men before.  Seriously.  Last year I trained for a half marathon that way; all heavy breathing and middle school gym class flashbacks.  But I did it.

Yesterday I went out for the first time in months.  It wasn’t pretty.  Today my body hurts.  Getting into the shower hurts.  Thinking about getting into the shower hurts.

But how lucky am I to have a body that works and jumps and runs! I can feel it!  And use it!

What a blessing to be absolutely aware of my body; every little tired and worn out inch of it.