Yo Soy Fortunada

by Joy Monger

Last year I took a trip to Eastern Europe that was lovely but challenging.  To start I left London, flew to Hungary, took a train from Budapest to Zagreb and the whole while struggled a bit with timing and languages and one particularly stressful overnight in an outdoor train station…

But I made it safely to Croatia due to the kindness of strangers including one Hungarian woman who got me on the right train and sat me down next to her, adopting me for the duration of our ride together. She didn’t speak english and smoked like a chimney but shared her boozey-cake with me (for breakfast). She even called her daughter in London just to ask her to tell me in English that I could call her if I was ever back in Budapest and needed anything. So lovely.

Later that evening after wandering Zagreb in a chocolate-crepe-coma I met up with my friend and went to the train station to check our departure time for the next day.

While in the train station a younger Mexican guy asked for our help.  He had just arrived and was trying to figure out the train schedules.  His english wasn’t great (not that anything was written in english) and I muddled through with my spanish.  He told us that he had been an engineer in Mexico but felt like he was living on a “hamster wheel”,  just going through the motions so he sold everything and had been travelling all around Europe by himself.

He found himself in that train station with no local currency, everything was closed, the next train not till the next morning. This was my chance to pay back some of the good travelling vibes I had received earlier in the day. We helped him sort out the scheduling, gave him some cash (kuna in Croatia), talked about living every day with intention, exchanged email addresses and wished each other luck.

The awesome part? He just found me on facebook.  And sent me this video.  The whole thing is beautiful but if you’re busy skip ahead to minute 8:00.


What a lovely reminder that the world is small and people are good and I am oh, so lucky.