Two Joys-One Post. Pets!

by Joy Monger

This weekend I haven’t felt so well and am combining two joys into one post. And they’re both about pets. Which is weird, because I’m not really a “pet” person.  But that’s where the joy came from this weekend. So maybe that makes me a “pet” person after all…

FYI: these stories might be offensive to animal lovers, dietitians, and water conservationists…my apologies in advance.

Friday I took a lot of baths because I didn’t feel good, and this cold is lasting forever, and I don’t have TV so I spend an inordinate amount of time in the tub as it is.  After about the fifth bath (I’m not exaggerating) my cat Bradley came into the bathroom probably wondering why I had spent most of the day in a vat of water. He jumped up on the side of the tub to survey the scene, but it was slippery with bubble bath.

He fell in.

I don’t know if you know this but, cats don’t like water.  Worried it would become like the ferret/nihilists scene from The Big Lebowski, I covered my important bits and let Bradley sort getting out of the tub himself.  It might make me an awful person but I’m not trying to help a crazy wet cat while my vulnerable parts are exposed…know what I’m saying?  He eventually figured it out, got himself back out of the tub and promptly sulked off to a corner to nurse his ego.

It was really funny.

Yesterday, still not feeling well, my parents wooed me to their house with the promise of a Pollo Loco dinner. A little background: my family is pretty serious about pollo loco.  We first learned about the deliciousness of Mexican chicken while visiting Isla Mujeres, where they deliver the chicken on the back of mopeds, about ten years ago.  It’s what we eat when we have important guests over, to celebrate special occasions.  We like it so much that my Mom and bonus Dad served it at their wedding reception. Serious love.

Our Pollo Loco on Federal has been closed all summer; we weren’t sure it was ever going to reopen. And then one glorious day last week the lights were back on and they opened for business.

So fast forward to yesterday.  Our first Pollo Loco meal in months.  Bonus Dad, family dog and I jump into the car and head up Feds to pick us up some chicken.  The parking lot was full and the wait was LONG.  Finally we got our chicken and headed home.  Set the table, ate that chicken and thanked the Lord for bringing such culinary delights into our lives.

After the bones were picked clean and we all had happy bellies and greasy smiles, my sister called to check in and ask about the dog.  It was then that we realized we didn’t know where the dog was. We hadn’t seen him for awhile. We called outside, looked around the house, looked outside again.  Where was the dog? We started to get panicked.

Then finally someone smart went and looked in the car and there he was, sitting in the back sit chillin’ and waiting for his negligent owners to let him out.

In my haste to eat chicken I forgot the dog in the car. God forbid I have children.