Being Fancy

by Joy Monger

A group of us spent January being quiet and reflective.  We ate simply, didn’t drink, saved our money, read. But all good things must come to an end.

To break the fast we decided on a fancy night out to some of Denver’s loveliest bars and restaurants. Vodka martinis at the Peak Lounge over looking the city, late night champagne and french press coffee at Bistro Vendome.  I wore pantyhose. We used British slang.  It was all quite lovely and sophisticated.

And then we found the Tequila Sno Cone kiosk in the lobby of the Hyatt.  Me being me, and my friends being them, found this to be the most exciting and perhaps fanciest part of the whole evening.  I mean does it get any more posh than eating flavored ice spiked with your favorite spirit from a cardboard cone while enjoying the sites of downtown Denver?