Situational Photography

by Joy Monger

One of my favorite games to play while out at bars or  traveling is Situational Photography. Because sometimes if I don’t play games I get bored and then I get into trouble.

This super easy game only requires a camera, some creativity and complete lack of shame.

First the Photographer yells out a scenario (You bet on the winning horse, You were just told there is no Santa Clause, you’re 16 and  your parents just walked in on you making out with your boyfriend, etc), counts to three, and takes the picture.  As the person being photographed, or the Poser, you must express the emotion in your given situation before the camera clicks.

Once folks start to get good at the game you can make the situations more difficult or throw group situations in the mix.

We played this weekend but forgot to write down the situations that were posed.  So now I have a bunch of photos where we look just crazy, not talented or creative.  I do know we posed one that was “You are a priest trying to rescue a downtrodden prostitute but you have your own meth addiction to deal with.”  That one was a doozy to act out.

So grab a group of friends and a camera and get posing.  Just remember to log all your fantastical and curious situations.