My Aim is True

by Joy Monger

When I was little I used to love listening to the Linda Rondstat’s version of the song Alison.

My dad had taught me how to use the record player so I could put the album on by myself, curl up in the big chair by the records, and admire Linda in her roller skates and leg warmers all the while swimming in self grandeur because there was a song about me.

Later I learned the sad truth that Linda didn’t write that song about me.  It was actually some guy named Elvis who wrote it about a sweet lady who had a rough go of things.

And then I had the great joy of actually seeing this Elvis guy perform Alison in a little venue in Denver and realized his version is quite perfect.

All that being said, Elvis Costello now has a special place in my heart.

I have a friend that sometimes randomly throws a line or two from Alison into conversations with me and it makes me giggle and warms that part of my heart where Elvis lives.  Today he sent me a text message to let me know he just saw a lady in red shoes at a conference and it reminded him of Elvis Costello songs (and thus me).  And that made me happy.