Just like a Calgon commercial, I really gotta get up outta here and go somewhere…

by Joy Monger

Uuff.  Today was a difficult day. And I knew that going into it. In fact, I knew that going to bed last night.  Which would explain the restless sleep, the bad attitude, the cravings for hot fudge.

But I also knew that I have this blog where I have made the audacious claim that “I will find Joy everyday!“.

So all day I paid attention. I kept alert. I looked for the joy damn it!

I found it in little places; at the gym a big bulky man was reading a trashy gossip magazine while he worked out, my sister texted me to make sure I was feeling loved, my lovely aunt emailed me to tell me I was funny.  I had a good hair day.  I didn’t eat the hot fudge.

Thanks blog (and readers!). The Joy Project is working.

Also, I am a closet Mariah Carey fan.  Yep.  Don’t judge. And this morning, oh so early, while working out and getting pumped for the day, she made me feel happy.  So go ahead, listen, and shake it off…feels good, doesn’t it?