The Joy of Being a Slacker

by Joy Monger


Hi Folks! Sorry I was away for a while and didn’t post.  Never fear; I was out experiencing plenty of joy.  I just didn’t get to posting any of it, which in and of itself was kinda nice.

My best part of the weekend was a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park outside of Allenspark near Mount Meeker for some snow shoeing.  (Is that two words or one?) 

I work up Sunday morning and it was snowing and grey and I tried to wimp out but my friend wouldn’t let me.  And I’m sure glad he didn’t.

We spent the day doing some kick butt cardio on a beautiful and isolated trail, the sky was blue, the snow was still falling.  We talked investment strategies, romance, and books.  And then we ate all-you-can-eat-Indian-buffet in Nederland and it was all around awesome. 

I came home sweaty, sleepy and oh so happy.

Isn’t that a good enough reason to skip my blogging duties for the evening?