Pueblo Fantasma

by Joy Monger

I love Mexico.  And the idea of riding horses and wearing boots.  I like to listen to the soundtrack from All the Pretty Horses and dream about throwing parties in the Mexican desert with white christmas lights and a mariachi band and plenty of cold Jarritos in buckets of ice.

So when my friend sent over pictures from his trip to Real de Catorce I fell in love.  The town, which means the Royal Fourteen, was a booming silver mining town outside of San Louis Potosi high up in the mountains.  It went bust when silver was devauled after 1900 and was deserted. 

Now a pilgrimage site for both local Catholics and Huichol shamanists it is literally a ghost town.   Also Matthew McConaughey likes to jog there because of the reputed spiritual energy.

If you get a chance, google Real de Catorce and look at all the beautiful photos. 

And then tell me, when can we move there?