Now he knows I know he knows.

by Joy Monger

I had dinner with a friend this weekend.  He’s a newish friend so we’re still learning about each other each time we meet up.

He told me a story about how he just recently had dinner with an ex girlfriend whom he hadn’t seen in several years.  The ex girlfriend has a blog which he has been following since they began dating and subsequently during their separation. So my friend has been keeping up with his ex girlfriend and her goings ons all these years unbeknownst to her.

And when they finally sat down to catch up he had to pretend that he didn’t already read about all the things that she was talking about or the feelings that she has/had for him.

The funny part is that I have written about him several times in my blog too. And he doesn’t have a clue. And I didn’t tell him. I sat there thinking that he doesn’t know that I write about him and she doesn’t know he reads about her and who knows who she’s reading about.

Which maybe should make me feel isolated or dishonest.

But it actually makes me feel like we are all looking out for each other and keeping each other in our thoughts. And that even when I feel alone there are probably people out there thinking about me or reading my writing and wishing me well and it’s okay if I don’t always know that as long as I remember to feel it.