Clean White T

by Joy Monger

I am terrible at laundry and don’t have a lot of money. So I hold on to my white t-shirts for a little too long and they always end up with brown-town stains and a dingy look to them.

Tonight I am going out for my 30th birthday celebration and have treated myself to a new white t-shirt.  It’s glaringly, pristinely white. No coffee spills, no ring-around-the collar.

Just white, white, white.

I take the tag off, and put it straight on.

I know it will eventually lose its shape but tonight it fits great.

I know after I wear it once it will never be as white so I revel in the glow.

For the night I am not a non-profit worker who washes her dry-clean only clothes to save money and mixes whites with colored fabric.

I am a well-put together, glowing, fancy birthday girl.