I’m Home!

by Joy Monger

After two wonderful weeks in la-la land, one 30 hour layover in Houston, some lost luggage, and a most beautiful flip flop tan I am finally home.

Did you miss me?

I’ve got lots to share; it was a fantastic trip with lots of lovely moments, but it might take a few days–I am still quite sleepy.

In the meantime; one of the best parts of a vacation is coming home and feeling the love from friends and family.

I got in really late Sunday night (because of the fiasco at Houston’s airport) and had to be at work on Monday morning.  My mom surprised me and let herself into my house so she could wake me up with a hug and a kiss and wish me good luck. It was so nice.

And then she made posole for dinner! 

Do you know about posole?  It is a Mexican soup made from hominy and chicken or pork.  It’s a celebratory soup and we make it for Christmas and birthdays.  I loooooooooove it.

Once my friend Paul came to visit from Mexico for Christmas and my mom made him posole.  And he thought it was even better than the version his mom makes. And whenever I visit, including this last trip, that’s how he introduces me; “This is Alison, and her mom makes really good posole.” 

It’s that good.

So imagine how happy I was to have my mom’s love, delicious soup, and the tastes of Mexico all rolled up into one happy welcome home meal!