I Rode My Bicycle Past Your Window Last Night

by Joy Monger

Ooooh ya!

I just bought a beautiful, expensive road bike as a 30th birthday gift to myself.

It cost more than a plane ticket to a strange and foreign land.

And I am so excited.

For most of my life I considered athleticism off-limits.

To me being active meant whiffing during kickball, getting put in the outfield;  far away from the action, having coaches telling you “good effort” instead of “good job”, getting hurt playing tether ball…

I thought all I had in me was the ability to rock eye glasses and discuss books with big words.

But over the past few years I’ve started becoming a burgeoning athlete.  I’ve trained for a 1/2 marathon, climbed some 14ers.  I go to the gym. Before work. What???

Don’t be mistaken; I am slow, and clumsy, and prone to crazy tomato face.  But I’m out there. Moving.

And I’ve been eyeing this bike for a few years.

It’s so exciting because I have this fancy new bike, but also because I think I’ll actually use it.  And maybe get good at it.

Now I have to just get a pair of those crazy padded spandex shorts.