Gruet Champagne

by Joy Monger

I love champagne. Drinking the bubbly stuff makes me happy but I also love what it represents; glamour, celebration, taking time to enjoy the little things.

My friends and I have spent more time this year learning about champagne and we stumbled upon Gruet sparkling wine.

This inexpensive bottle of deliciousness comes from, of all places, New Mexico.  It’s made in the Méthode Champenoise which means that it goes through fermentation twice, the second time in the bottle.  Just like they do in Champagne, France. And it’s like a little bit of pure joy in every glass.

Sometimes, looking across a table at my beautiful friends or family, holding a long stemmed glass of golden bubbles, watching the way the candle light plays and bounces off the drink and everything looks all glittery, I think “this is most certainly a wonderful life–how did I get so lucky?”

But that could just be the champagne talking.