Marching Bands

by Joy Monger

Do you love marching bands like I do?

I used to work at a high school school that had a drum line and I would ask the students to walk behind me on my way to work.  I thought it would be a great way to feel excited to start the day.  Surprisingly they declined.

Still, I’ve always thought a marching band would be a great send-off at a wedding, or a funeral, or a staff meeting. There’s no way you can feign ambivalence with a big ‘ol tuba in your face.

Last night we went out to finish celebrating my birthday.  We went to see a friend perform some music.  It was also his birthday, and he being part of a well-known band there were lots of people there to dance and celebrate.

At the end of the show confetti fell from the ceiling, people handed out cupcakes and then…a marching band parted the crowd and snaked their way towards us!

I pretended it was all for me.