Harvest Sacramento

by Joy Monger

I recently learned about this amazing non-profit in California called Harvest Sacramento.  Check out their website and get inspired!
They use volunteers to harvest underutilized fruits and vegetables from back yards and small orchards and donate it to local food banks.

The food doesn’t rot on the ground, people are fed, communities come together!

Their main goals are to:
  • Work and gather with new people
  • Celebrate the bounty of harvests through community meals and potlucks
  • Provide the opportunity for those in need to support themselves and gather some of their own food
  • Teach residents how to grow, cook and preserve their own food

If all the extra tomatoes and zucchini that litter my friends’ and families’ countertops in late summer are any indication, this is something that lots of cities could implement.

How cool would it be if the hungry folks in Denver had plenty of fresh veggies to eat? Who’s with me?