Walk the Walk

by Joy Monger

People are surprising.

Sometimes they forget your birthday. Or they remember it and they bring you a special treat that you didn’t expect.

Sometimes you work really hard on a relationship and the other person doesn’t even notice.  Or an old friend gets back in touch because you worked really hard on the relationship and they noticed but had to go away for awhile.

Sometimes you hurt another’s feelings for no good reason.  Or you hurt another’s feelings and they forgive you gracefully without making you feel like a choice idiot.

Sometimes you finally, seriously, write off a person because well, they deserve it, and that is the exact moment they decide to pop back up.  To test your resolve? To test your compassion?

The universe doesn’t work according to my timeline. And people are beautiful and funny and capable of big love and big hurt. And to be in the world means I need to love people where they’re at, not where I wish they would be.

Because the story isn’t finished and maybe where they’re at is even better than where I wished they would be?

People are surprising.