Putting Down Roots

by Joy Monger


I cleaned out my shed. And then I pretended it was my clubhouse. I sat in the rafters and daydreamed while it rained. I’ve always wanted to do that.

I planted a snowball bush with my bonus dad. It reminded me of my childhood home. And now it will also remind me of my own first home.

After planting the snowball bush my bonus dad made me mow my lawn.  I guess even when you are a grown up and you own your own home your dad can still boss you.

My mom helped me plant lettuce. I was embarrassed by my gardening outfit. I thought I would just spend the day alone daydreaming in the shed. She said I looked like my grandmother Nelda.

Nelda was beautiful and wild and from Texas. I have her hair. I wish she could see my house.

We’ve planted Grandpa Bernie’s peonies from his house in Kansas. Bernie always sent Cadbury eggs for Easter even though I wasn’t his real granddaughter.

I’ve put the daffodils in a vase by my bed.

My neighbor knows my cat’s name.