When The Neon Turns On

by Joy Monger

My favorite part of the day is when the grocery store across the way turns on its neon sign.

It happens when I am at the gym early in the morning and I am finishing my workout with stretches and being quiet and looking out the window at the blooming trees. 

The sky is still mostly dark but there are streaks of color in the clouds and everything is all blue-grey and the only lights around come from the street lamps. It’s not quite night. It’s not quite day.

I love that moment when all the lights flicker on and the red and yellow neon casts its glow on the empty parking lot.

It feels like I am getting to see something secret and private.

Like when you take walks in the neighborhood after dark and you can see through the windows families just sitting down for dinner. And even though you can’t hear them  you know they are laughing.