A few small blessings

by Joy Monger

This week it’s the little things that count:

There is a random mallard who has taken up sitting in the middle of my street. He’s been there for days, all by his lonesome. There is no lake nearby. I think he’s lost. Or maybe he just likes the serenity of the block.

I have recently conquered an addiction to chocolate covered pretzels, by eating more chocolate covered pretzels in smaller packages.

I saw a man riding a bicycle with his cat in a trailer on the back. And a lady walking her parrot around the park. Nice to see the domestic pets of the neighborhood are getting a good airing-out.

I’m pretty obsessed right now with the song Good Year for the Roses by Elvis Costello, and you all know how I feel about him.

My lettuce is sprouting and my best friend is becoming a mentor!