The Secret Lives of People in Love

by Joy Monger

I really, really loved this collection of short stories by Simon Van Booy. And not because I am a hopeless romantic or some angsty teenager (I am an angsty adult, thank you!).

I generally don’t like romantic comedies or vampire love stories or anything featuring Matthew Mcconaughey. I prefer story lines that show  love as complicated with ebbs and flows and all shapes and sizes–it’s a many-splendored thing, right?

The Secret Lives of People in Love is about the love of a Navy man and his love for his crew, of a child for his foster father, a man for mannequin…you get the point.

Reading these stories is what I imagine it feels like to walk in Paris on a foggy day with a new love and a belly fully of cappuccino; all dreamy and solemn and warm and nuanced and hopeful (kind of like being in love).