Sandwich, Take Me Away

by Joy Monger

There is an old episode of Seinfeld where Kramer starts preparing food while in the shower. I think he even goes so far as to install a garbage disposal in the drain.  It’s funny because he doesn’t understand why people might be uncomfortable eating food that was prepared sans clothing.

I consider nude food prep to have a pretty high gross out factor. For me it ranks right up there with the guy that doesn’t wipe the machines down at the gym, tv shows about surgery, and worms.

All that being said, I love, love, love to eat in the tub. Call me a hypocrite but to me there’s nothing better than a glass of wine and some chocolate in the bubble bath.  Tea and cookies by candlelight? Heck yes. Coffee mug and shower? Sign me up.

Once I went out to eat and very responsibly saved half my sandwich in a doggie bag for later. But that night I couldn’t stop thinking about that delicious reuben calling my name from the fridge. So I got out of bed, drew a bath and ate my sandwich fully submerged in tub water. It was glorious/disgusting.

Tonight I’ve got my eye on a little fruit salad number and some epsom salts. Zexy!