RBC Dinner Club

by Joy Monger

While on vacation a few years ago a nice Canadian man and his attractive son dubbed my girlfriends and I the Raunchy Book Club. I think this was on account of our knowledge of cerebral topics, endless supply of nerdy books and our propensity to do Mad Libs using sailor-like language.

We took it as a compliment and considered getting t-shirts made.

While on that same vacation we also perfected a method to dinner that includes only finger foods and lots of wine…perfect for sitting around and snacking during a long night of laughing, catching up, and swearing.  We’ve had many lovely RBC dinners since then. The concept always stays the same but the foods change; we love loads of stinky cheeses and fresh basil, membrillo, dried mango, dark chocolate with ginger, homemade bread, queso oaxaca and plenty of strawberries.

We call it “RBC dinner” and the beauty is that it requires zero cooking, little cleaning up, and everyone can bring something to contribute. It leaves the hostess free from stress and with plenty of energy and time to gossip and tell dirty jokes.

Last night Karen and I hosted our first RBC dinner with a man friend.

We had been hoping to get together with Charlie to cook fish tacos and impress him with our ability to wine and dine. But life happens and there never seemed to be enough time to put on a full proper dinner party. So we kept delaying.

Finally we broke down and asked Charlie to forgive us and forget the wining and dining and instead join us for RBC dinner in the car port. No stress zone; only things you could quickly make and bring to share. Karen made hummus, Charlie brought fruit salad. There was guacamole and angel food cake (from the store! gasp!) with fresh fruit and of course, plenty of wine.

We laughed and burned things in the chiminea and sat in the hammock and gossiped and focused on being with each other instead of trying to impress each other and it was wonderful.

RBC forever!