Living in Pride and Prejudice

by Joy Monger

I love, love, love Jane Austen. It makes me happy how perfectly she nails all the anticipation and subtlety of relationships and how her male characters are all brooding and into horses.

And I love, love, love Pride and Prejudice. I think I am a bit of Elizabeth Bennet (the sassy, independent bit; not the prideful part of course).

So imagine my happiness when the gals at did a “Living In” feature on Pride and Prejudice on their site. They do this every once in a while where they pick a film and find lots of pretty products that look and feel like being in the film. So, should you want to, you could buy everything you need to feel like you live in your favorite movie. I try to stay away from encouraging joy  from buying things, but this is pretty cool.

Now I can hang out in my little carport and pretend I am wandering the English countryside waiting for Mr. Darcy.