Fly the Friendly Skies

by Joy Monger

Oooh! I just purchased my first ever plane ticket using frequent flier miles!  I’m going to San Fransisco next weekend for $5.

All the money I saved on a plane ticket will now be reallocated into the “cheese, wine, and stretchy pants” discretionary fund for the trip. 

If I have two shortcomings  it’s follow through and redeeming gift cards (I have a giant envelope of old cards and certificates that I carry around in my car hoping one day I will remember to rent a video at blockbuster or purchase one sandwich and get half off another of equal or lesser value). 

So it feels darn good to have actually saved enough points and stuck with a card long enough to actually use the miles! If I was a betting woman I would have guessed I’d earn enough miles to get half way to Boise and then gotten distracted by something shiny…