A Nicely Wound Cord

by Joy Monger

Why is it so hard to wind up an extension cord? Or a garden hose for that matter?

I blame it on my tiny hamster arms. Some (those with tiny hamster brains) have suggested it is “because I am a woman.” I am beginning to believe them. (I also cannot pack a trunk. Just sayin.)

If getting a regular man-type around the house would mean having tightly-wound cords and tangle-free hoses until death do we part, sign me up.

PS: That photo is my best attempt at wrangling the cord and it took me lots of swearing and one sore shoulder to even get that close…

PPS: If you’re wondering why I am so obsessed with extension cords it’s because I am an environmentalist and own an electric lawn mower; hence regular and weekly fighting with the cord. It is not Freudian. At least I don’t think so.

PPSS: Suddenly I am hungry for a banana…