You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can’t Make Him Wear Rose Colored Glasses

by Joy Monger

Lately I have been feeling like I am a series of walking clichés.

And if it weren’t so wonderful and exciting I might find myself borderline annoying.

In the past few weeks some lovely people have passed away unexpectedly. People’s spouses are asking for divorces. And a loved one has aggressive cancer and at the age of 34 has found out she won’t able to have anymore children. Such deep, deep sadness.

But at the same time new babies have been born into our family and brought such joy and love to our lives.  More blessings are on the way. Unexpected happiness is happening all over the place.

And I keep thinking; “Life is Short”,  “Plan like you’ll live forever but live like you’ll die tomorrow”…and mostly I keep wondering “is this how I want to be living my life?” If today was a day of reckoning would I be proud of where I stand?

And then the great authors of the world roll over in their graves for my terribly trite thoughts.

But it gets worse…

I am seeing someone. And it is going really well. And in the past few weeks I have said “I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone” and “this time it just feels different” and several other naive and sweet observations.

I keep seeing butterflies.

A lot of times life is murky, unclear, requires cynicism and caution. Right now is not one of those times.

I feel like Bambi. Though it is a little embarrassing to be living in a Disney movie, it feels wonderful to see life so clearly, in technicolor. The sadness makes me want to live a bolder, more intentional life, the joy makes me want to sing.

Have I made you throw up in your mouth yet?