Como Se Dice Trigger?

by Joy Monger

Though I have travelled around Mexico and South America quite a bit my spanish skills are lackluster and center around flirting, swearing, and ordering extra cheese.  I can talk about how much I love the beach and how many sisters I have and I even know the word for goosebumps and mushrooms. But everything I can say is based around the frivolousness of travel and self discovery.

I don’t know any vocabulary about say, the components of a gun or the rules of goat tying (this has actually come up before).  So translating into spanish for real life situations is basically impossible. My co-workers say “don’t you know spanish?”  and I have to explain that I am rendered mute unless I’m talking to a cute boy or have already had three tequila shots.

But today at work we were in a pinch and needed to call a client about canceling a meeting. There was no one else to do it so I ponied up and made the call (the very sweaty, nervous, awkward call).

It was pretty cool. I think I might have told her I needed to borrow her boomerang but I’m pretty sure she got the point.