Are You There Joy Project? It’s Me, Alison.

by Joy Monger

Oh hey. There you are.

Turns out I am one of those people who gets into a relationship and stops doing all the things I used to do.

You know; calling friends, mowing the lawn, buying anything more than coffee and shaving cream at the grocery store.

My cat, mom, and neighbors are irritated. Or they miss me. Or both.

But you can’t live on martinis and happiness forever. And I must continue my joy project. Because maybe blogging about joy is what led to more joy? Wasn’t that the point?

It’s like if I stopped eating once I finally learned to cook. Or as if I finally got the hang of gardening and grew a big fat rose and then decided never to touch dirt ever again.

It just doesn’t make sense, darn it. I’ve got more joy to attract and document. I can’t promise I’ll post everyday; but I’ll try my best.

I’m sorry I kept you waiting.

And Mom; I promise to call more often.