Andrew is Funny

by Joy Monger

My friend Andrew is funny. (He is also slightly scary if you are a ponytail-weilding bicyclist but that’s a whole other story)

He taught me that the weird flappy skin on your elbow is called a weenus.

Feel free to use that on your friends; “Hey, you’ve got a nice weenus, Jim.” and then act all offended when they freak out. It’s good times.

When I first met Andrew I found him in my bedroom lotioning his weenus. It was weird.

Also, his dad likes to call a single martini a “martinus” which is really funny when Andrew says it in his Australian accent. His dad also believes that the word “patio” should be pronounced “pay-she-o”, similar to the way “ratio” is pronounced (I am inclined to agree with him).

Lately I have been fond of saying “I think I’ll have a martinus on the paysheo” and then giggling.

So maybe it’s not so much that my friend Andrew is funny as he says things that I repeat like a parrot and then I think I am hilarious.

I should re-title this post to be called “Andrew probably makes up ridiculous things to make Alison sounds like a moron when she repeats them because she is naive and like a child.”