Like all the best things in life, this sounds really gross

by Joy Monger

We had our regular Ladies Wine Night this Saturday and the theme was pink wines.

We’re talking, rose’s, Zins, Franzia…FYI; just like jean jackets, pink wine is in this season, so mock me a little for being a borderline red neck but I am considered “fashion friendly” this summer by all the cool people.

Anyhoo, the wine was delicious, and we wore pink and made pink food and swore up a pink storm and it was wonderful.

I made this watermelon-feta-red onion salad recipe. It smelled weird and sounded freaky, but darn was it good.  And quick.

We talked about adding some salt, white pepper, and lime to the recipe. Another gal once put it on arugula.  Play with the recipe and let me know how it turns out.