Waking Ned’s Devine

by Joy Monger

In the past six months we’ve had lots of people leave work for other jobs and opportunities. And each time someone leaves we host a happy hour or a going-away lunch in honor of that person. Everyone comes out and says nice things to each other and about the person leaving.

Usually at these events you end up getting closer to that person than you ever were before; you take the time to ask more questions about their lives outside of work, you buy them a beer, you relate to them as a person and not just a co-worker.

And then you think, “Wow, Billy is such a cool person. It’s really a shame he’s leaving.”

It’s such a strange and bittersweet phenomena that we wait to say nice things to each other until it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Like eulogies at funerals and speeches at retirement parties, going away happy hours are full of toasts and accolades and bonding that should have been done years prior while we still worked together or lived together or had a chance to deepen a relationship together.

The joke around work lately is that we want to hold a fake going-away lunch for ourselves to finally get the acknowledgement that we’ve all been craving.  Almost like holding a fake funeral for yourself, Waking Ned Devine style.

So before you quit or kick the bucket I wanted to tell you that I love you, that you mean the world to me, that I enjoy your company, I think you’re funny and I like your jokes even when I pretend I don’t. You are special to me and thanks for lending me your stapler.  Cheers to you.