Auld Lang Sine

by Joy Monger

2010 was a joyful year.

I am still in debt, my job is still stressful.  Perhaps more stressful. Sometimes I get so scared that the people I love the most will suddenly change their minds.  Or get mad cow disease.  I have acne. And my cat bites. Like ferocious, wild cat bites.

But overall, if I had to put the year in one basket or the other, I’d say 2010 was pretty darn  good.

I always hated it when TV shows release their “best-of” moments from the year instead of actually writing a year-end episode.  Watching a  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” marathon is bad (so good!) enough.  Reliving the highlights in a one hour montage is a whole other low.  But when your home in your pjs for the holiday break, finally with some time to relax, that seems to be the only thing on…why God? Why!?

But here I am, ready to commit the same atrocity and give you my retrospective of 2010.  In no particular order:

1. Sister Megan had baby Henry, and Brother BJ had baby Kale.  A week apart. And both so lovely and healthy and chubby.

2. I read The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano and found a new favorite author.  And I also liked The Secret Lives of People in Love.

3. We celebrated our 2nd annual Wallepalooza family reunion.

4. Cole is officially working as an Aesthetician (and she’s good!), though most of us don’t know how to say or spell it so she regularly gets introduced as an anesthesiologist, anesthetizer, jazzerciser.

5. Karen is pregnant–due in March (we’re hoping for an Aries).

6. I finally saw Out of Africa, which was beautiful and romantic.  I also really liked the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series of films, the Swedish versions, and Pirate Radio, which is actually about 60’s Rock n Roll, not pirates.

7. I saw the butterflies in Mexico. Which was the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.  And then I went to the beach and drank cervezas with my bestie.

8. Kanye West’s new album is fantastic.  There is one song on there with Bon Iver, Elton John, Alicia Keys, La Roux.  It’s the freakiest, best thing I’ve heard in awhile.

9. I’m living in sin.  With my sweet, sweet boyfriend, two huskies, the angry cat, and what seems like 12 bicycles.  All within 627 square feet.  And we’re happy!

10. I’m almost entirely off meat. And entirely on composting.

11. Jane and Dean retired and travelled the country.

…everyone is healthy and no one has mad cow!

In 2011 I’d like to write more and maybe even try to get published, go on a road trip and see Joshua Tree, get out of debt and get to know the new babies in my life, polyurethane my floors, and get better on my road bike.
What do you have in store for 2011?  I hope it is happy, healthy and blessed!