Role Play

by Joy Monger

Last night I was making a photo book for Don’s parents for Christmas.  And as I assembled the photos it started to dawn on me that most our pictures as a couple are in photo booths or while in costume.  We have zero, count them zero, of the standard “couple” pictures.  There does not exist a single photo of us at a wedding, in a bar, hugging on a hay bale, or posed with all our friends on some large body of water, joyfully exhibiting our youth.

I think it’s especially funny because neither one of us is extroverted or particularly into dressing up.  I can’t tell you the last time I wore a costume on Halloween…

I like that we’re goofy.  And I like that we’re non-traditional.

But I sure hope our wedding pictures don’t involve a Civil War reenactment.

And I am for sure not wearing a Princess Lea costume, I can tell you that much.