Nom de Chat

by Joy Monger

My cat’s name is Bradley.

He was two years old when I got him, and came with that name.

Like I’d pick Bradley for a cat’s name. That’s just silly.

I got him on election day, but “Obama” or “Hope” sounded too liberal-college-sophomore.  Like naming him “Guinness” or “Bella”.

I made him a monogrammed stocking for Christmas and changed his name to Brad Lee.

It just seems cooler.

Like he’s a bad-ass country rock-a-billy.  Or maybe a martial artist/international film sensation.

If he had a human voice I hope it would sound like Johnny Cash.  Or even Kenny Rogers.

But I bet he really sounds like Mr. Chow from the Hangover.

He prefers to go by Brad.

I’m not even kidding.