Herding and Flanking

by Joy Monger


We puppy sat for the parents this weekend and watched their little Corgi.  It was all good till he went outside to use the bathroom and refused to come back inside.  Never have I felt so ill prepared to be a parent.

Me: “Come on Puppy.  Come here puppy.  Please come inside. You want come cheese?  I’ll give you cheese.  Pleeeeaaassssse come inside.  Please? Come inside damn it! I’m serious Puppy! Come here Right! Now!”

And next thing I know I’m outside on my front lawn in my pajamas chasing a puppy like a crazy lady.

It reminded me of this:


Also, in the same vein, sorta, tonight the Man Friend told me I had a flank of a horse.

And I was all like, “What? Hell no. Did you really just say that?”

And then he says, “You know, like a really expensive horse that’s really valued.”

And I was like, “oh, okay.”

He totally gets me.