I Went On Vacation And All I Got You Was This Story

by Joy Monger

Did I mention I was in DC recently? I was there for work, where let’s face it, I was awesome.

But I also found time to fall ass-backwards into a really great vacation.  In between work sessions, I saw the 100 year anniversary celebration for the Cherry Blossoms, the landing of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and jammed in an ultra-speedy viewing of the Mall and most of the monuments (admittedly it might have been a little too speedy–I made Karen puke at the Lincoln Memorial).  We ate dinner at a restaurant called Oyamel, which also happens to be the tree that the monarch butterflies rest in during their hibernation in Morelia, Mexico. Which seemed magical and auspicious, seeing as Karen and I travelled to see those very trees and butterflies in Morelia three years ago. And unlike Oyamel the tree, Oyamel the restaurant had awesome margaritas.

Or maybe it wasn’t so much that I fell into a great vacation, but that I chose to see it as a great vacation…because in reality, I missed the cherry blossoms (they bloomed a month earlier than expected–thanks global warming), the shuttle landing made traffic to the airport terrible and I almost missed my flight, and did I mention that Karen puked at the Lincoln Memorial?  And those Oyamel margaritas made me feel like El Caca the next morning. But I didn’t see any of that. I just had a great time and felt super blessed to be there.

I wonder how I can put the same Joy Project spin on my upcoming dentist appointment…maybe I’ll get lucky and fall ass-backwards into some gold teeth.