catachresis example in tom robbins’ still life with woodpecker

by Joy Monger

Sometimes people will do a google search for a particular word and it will bring them to my blog.

Usually the word they are searching for is  “quirky”, “eating in the bathtub”, “cat lady”, etc. You get the point.

Behind the scenes, I can tell which search terms are most popular. Supposedly, I can leverage these google searches to see what is bringing traffic and use it to get more readers for my blog.

Yesterday someone searched google for “catachresis example in tom robbins’ still life with woodpecker” and it brought them to my blog.

I am certain they were grossly disappointed and did not find what they were looking for among my love letters to Tina Fey, wine, neuroses, and my Grandpa. For this, I am sorry.

I don’t even know what “catachresis example in tom robbins’ still life with woodpecker” means, but I definitely want to have dinner with the person that searched for it.

And I hope they found what they were looking for.

PS: Another popular google search that brings people to my blog is “does a dead mouse smell like sour milk?”. Next time I’m feeling bad about myself, I think I’ll curl up with a nice mug of hot tea and remind myself that even though I am an unemployed cat lady, I do have the market cornered on inquiries about sour milk and dead mice. Aces.