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First Blush












Seeking Happiness

Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you

– nathaniel hawthorne



Cabin Porn










In the foot steps of our parents, who both own random and glorious wee houses in the middle of nowhere, Best Friend Karen and I have plans to buy a cabin when we’re older.

It’s going to be cooky, and communal, and we’ll have christmas lights up all year-round. We’ll probably have old-timey pictures on the walls of people we don’t even know, and a record player, which is mandatory for any decent eccentric second home. But it will also have a stockpile of really good wine and plenty of books, and probably an expensive grill to make fish tacos on. Her children will chase hummingbirds, I’ll take as many baths as I chose. It will be glorious!

Some people dream of mansions and expensive cars–we just want something that smells of fireplace and whiskey to call our very own.

To feed the dream while we save, Karen sent me this wonderful website:  It’s safe for work I promise. And by “safe for work”, I mean you might get lost in a daydream about living somewhere peaceful and quiet and accidentally miss a deadline and then perhaps get fired or at least receive a stern talking to by your Boss, but it certainly doesn’t include any naked ladies.


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I am dreaming of summer vacations and I want to go here. Wherever this photo was taken, at exactly that time.

I can almost see the fireflies!

From Sunset Magazine

Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You



My cat Brad Lee often looks at me with pure disgust.  Mostly when I interrupt his 23 hour nap, or make the bed while he’s still in it (super funny).

But he doesn’t judge when I have wine and nutella for dinner, so we remain in good graces.

Having had experience with judgmental cats, this post of animals who are disappointed in you, totally made me giggle, and then feel a little shamed.  Click on it, it’s funny, I promise.


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Pomegranate Stained Feet



Midori Yamada Girl, With Pomegranate Stained Feet

I have a crack in my window that lets the cold air in at night.

All winter wearing wool socks to ward of the chill.

This morning it ushers the bird calls and sunshine to come through while I write.

Happy Spring.

Spring Spring!

In my yard there is both snow and little green weeds.

The precipice between winter and spring.

Today I am day dreaming about pinks and greens.








Stacked Wood

I just like the way it looks…

She Gives Good Lawn

I’ve purchased special bras and tight pants and painful shoes and way too many hair products all in the hope that it would attract the opposite sex. But mostly all it got me was greasy hair and maybe some inappropriate glances (my eyes are up here buddy!).  Men mostly seem oblivious…

But hot damn, do I get a nice lawn and suddenly every dude that comes over perks up and takes notice.

“Nice yard.”

“Lawn looks good.”

“Can I come over and mow your grass?”

“Hey baby, what kind of fertilizer are you working with?”

It’s like being cat-called at a construction zone. Only, it’s grass.

I don’t get it. Seriously, I’d tear the whole thing out and add some xeriscaping if it weren’t such a man magnet.

I’m getting rid of my wonder bras and learning all sorts of sexy words like “aerating” and “sprinkler system”.  Oooh, ya…I love how trim those edges…

Radish Sprouts!

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