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The End of Missing Someone

I am traveling to visit my Sister tomorrow. I can’t wait for the bringing together, and the end of missing her.

I also loved the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Froer.

And if you’re short on time, the opening scene from Love Actually.

There’s nothing like being reunited with someone you’ve missed in your bones.


It All Started With 2 Tickets To Europe…


Sorry I disappeared this summer.

I was on the biggest Joy Project of them all.

This is where I went.


Cabin Porn










In the foot steps of our parents, who both own random and glorious wee houses in the middle of nowhere, Best Friend Karen and I have plans to buy a cabin when we’re older.

It’s going to be cooky, and communal, and we’ll have christmas lights up all year-round. We’ll probably have old-timey pictures on the walls of people we don’t even know, and a record player, which is mandatory for any decent eccentric second home. But it will also have a stockpile of really good wine and plenty of books, and probably an expensive grill to make fish tacos on. Her children will chase hummingbirds, I’ll take as many baths as I chose. It will be glorious!

Some people dream of mansions and expensive cars–we just want something that smells of fireplace and whiskey to call our very own.

To feed the dream while we save, Karen sent me this wonderful website:  It’s safe for work I promise. And by “safe for work”, I mean you might get lost in a daydream about living somewhere peaceful and quiet and accidentally miss a deadline and then perhaps get fired or at least receive a stern talking to by your Boss, but it certainly doesn’t include any naked ladies.


All images from


I am dreaming of summer vacations and I want to go here. Wherever this photo was taken, at exactly that time.

I can almost see the fireflies!

From Sunset Magazine

I Miss Your Face Like Hell (Rivers and Roads)

It used to be that everyone I loved lived in a five mile radius of my house.

These days you are own your own adventures in Kansas and London and the City of Angels.

This morning I am missing you.

A lot, a lot.

I sing the lyrics to this song out loud so you can hear me (can you hear me?). But when I get to the line “and my family lives in a different state” I get choked up.

Not because I’m sad, but because I love you.

PS: Who wants to be in my band?



I Went On Vacation And All I Got You Was This Story

Did I mention I was in DC recently? I was there for work, where let’s face it, I was awesome.

But I also found time to fall ass-backwards into a really great vacation.  In between work sessions, I saw the 100 year anniversary celebration for the Cherry Blossoms, the landing of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and jammed in an ultra-speedy viewing of the Mall and most of the monuments (admittedly it might have been a little too speedy–I made Karen puke at the Lincoln Memorial).  We ate dinner at a restaurant called Oyamel, which also happens to be the tree that the monarch butterflies rest in during their hibernation in Morelia, Mexico. Which seemed magical and auspicious, seeing as Karen and I travelled to see those very trees and butterflies in Morelia three years ago. And unlike Oyamel the tree, Oyamel the restaurant had awesome margaritas.

Or maybe it wasn’t so much that I fell into a great vacation, but that I chose to see it as a great vacation…because in reality, I missed the cherry blossoms (they bloomed a month earlier than expected–thanks global warming), the shuttle landing made traffic to the airport terrible and I almost missed my flight, and did I mention that Karen puked at the Lincoln Memorial?  And those Oyamel margaritas made me feel like El Caca the next morning. But I didn’t see any of that. I just had a great time and felt super blessed to be there.

I wonder how I can put the same Joy Project spin on my upcoming dentist appointment…maybe I’ll get lucky and fall ass-backwards into some gold teeth.

Going Green 1949 Style, B****H

Love the Eames.

Love Ice Cube.

Love Random Couplings.

This is Pure Perfection.

More for the swirly twirly

This is how I feel today:

From: We heart it

Also, I was feeling angry and sad at work this morning.

And then the building caught on fire and we all had to go home.

Thankfully no one was hurt.  But I am worried I might be a little bit Firestarter-Drew Barrymore, or someone from Heroes.  I’m going to go lay down and try not burn stuff with my immense power.

(mini) Road Trips

I went on a mini road trip to see the aspen trees change color.  Got a soda from a little mountain gas station, opened the sun roof, bought souvenirs from the gift shop, and posed for pictures like we were tourists.

I like the way the road looks when it’s twisty and windy and you can’t see anyone in front or behind you.

I like it when strangers ask “where are you from?” because you’re having so much fun it looks like you’re on vacation.

I like picking the perfect driving music.

And I like the way driving somewhere for pleasure, feels well, pleasurable.

Let Them Drink Boba Tea!

Karen and I travelled to visit the lovely Dada in SF, before she packed her bags for a new and illustrious adventure with Starbucks in Seattle.  We ate a lot.  And did some walking.  And looked for Uncle Jesse at the Full House house. I sure love that city.  And those girls.

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